Condition Based Equipment Monitoring

Modern oil analysis was first commercialized over 50 years ago as a means for understanding the condition of high value equipment such as engines, gearboxes, and transmissions. Then, as now, equipment operators were concerned about the specific tests used for oil analysis and the cost of these tests. However, testing is only one aspect of oil analysis. Equally important is the analysis and interpretation of test results.

VELOX.prescient™ is an intelligent agent that employs a two-step evaluation process for analyzing the results obtained from performing laboratory tests on oil samples. The first step is statistical analysis to flag contaminants which exceed limits established through analysis of customer data. This statistical process considers both trends measured over many months and unacceptable excursions in contaminant levels. VELOX.prescient™ then uses its expert knowledge base to interpret the contaminant patterns discovered through lab testing and statistical analysis.

Like an experienced oil analyst, VELOX.prescient™ is “smart” enough to understand how flagged contaminants (e.g., Fe and Si) may be interpreted together with up to four phase interactions. VELOX.prescient™ not only diagnoses and recommends corrective actions but also explains the basis of its assessment in an easily understood manner.

VELOX.prescient’s™ value proposition is unquestionable: at a cost far lower than manual analysis, it provides spot-on data assessment and strong maintenance advisories tailored to your organization’s unique needs.



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