Intelligent Agent

An intelligent agent is a software component that uses expert domain knowledge to solve problems. VELOX.engine is an intelligent agent tailored specifically for solving problems using OODA Loop (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act) techniques, and by design, is reusable so that it can be applied in any domain.

At any given time, we – as humans – experience countless changes in our environment – e.g., temperature, light, activities, potential threats, etc. Our cognitive abilities allow us to constantly adapt to these conditions, some consciously, others subconsciously. VELOX.engine models this ability to adapt and, in this sense, it “thinks.”

In more technical terms, VELOX.engine is a set of Java-base classes for representing the core components in a VELOX knowledge base: sensor inputs, beliefs, monitors, goals and plans. These base classes define methods for building knowledge graphs for Observing-Orienting and Deciding-Acting. A knowledge base itself is composed of derived Java classes that incorporate the logic experts use to solve problems, and includes tailored classes for domain specific inputs, beliefs, monitors, goals and plans.

VELOX.engine is unique because it provides intuitive methods for organizing large amounts of domain knowledge so that it can be tested, executed, deployed and maintained at reasonable cost and effort.

VELOXITI’s VELOX.engine™ is the foundation for knowledge-driven problem-solving using the concept of OODA Loops.



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