VELOX.engine™ is a cognitive engine providing the core capabilities required for problem solving using the OODA Loop (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act). A VELOX knowledge base is a description in software of the techniques that experts use to solve specific problems in their field of expertise. The VELOX.engine uses this domain specific knowledge to emulate this expert reasoning process.

Designed for applications that require continuous adaptation to continuously changing circumstances, the VELOX.engine enables people with modest skills to perform at a higher level and helps experts to get more done in less time.

VELOX.engine maximizes opportunities for:

  • Dynamic Situation Assessment – Domain specific monitoring of environmental changes, incorporation of user-based changes, and real-time event-based planning
  • Distributed Coordination – Asset management, shared mission objectives, resolution of potential conflicts among assets or objectives, centralized or isolated control
  • Information Management – Context sensitive alerts, display management, multi-data stream analytics, human-centered presentation for decision support


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