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Beyond advanced analytics. Faster number crunching only goes so far – in fact it is creating a deluge of data that is never analyzed because there is not enough “human” intelligence for decision-making. VELOXITI builds intelligent solutions that reason and make decisions like humans would but in a fraction of the time.


Artificial Intelligence is proving its value – again. How are you going to leverage new developments in symbolic AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Neural Networks?

Veloxiti Asia is the exclusive Southeast Asia partner of Veloxiti, Inc., a U.S. based company that develops innovative artificial intelligence solutions for a variety of customers. We live and work in Southeast Asia, and we understand the unique challenges associated with introducing new technology into the SE Asian market.
Veloxiti, Inc., our partner company, has 25+ years of experience developing new software technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense. These capabilities are now available for use in commercial markets.

Our mission is to apply advanced AI technologies to the unique problems faced by companies in SE Asia. We are committed to collaborative software development with a focus on building custom solutions that solve your company’s critical problems.

We use a very simple Agile development process. First, we will work with your team to define the business problem to be solved. Then we will begin a series of Agile development cycles, each focused on incremental implementation of a software solution. By frequently review progress and demonstrating prototypes to you, we will ensure that the software we deliver meets your needs.

Practical applications of AI will continue to transform businesses. Veloxiti Asia can help you leverage state-of-the-art technologies to enable your company to respond to the operational issues that impact your growth and viability in a global market.


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