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Managing Director, VELOXITI ASIA

David Clare has nearly 20 years working in various Asian markets along with extensive working experience in Europe, North and South America. He has been at senior management positions in a number of Companies including listed. He is a Management Accountant (FCMA). He is experienced in strategic modeling and project management. He has worked in the Print Media, Banking, Public Relations, Aviation and Sports and Entertainment industries.




Charles Sheron has over forty years of experience working in the international markets. He has extensive experience in  property development, automated car parking systems, aviation, technology, energy related and artificial intelligence companies. Additionally he has served on the board of directors of both public and private companies.

VELOXITI U.S. Management Team


Chief Executive Officer

An experienced software engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, as VELOXITI’s Vice President of Engineering, Larry Lafferty has a strong zeal for the development and deployment of intelligent systems.

As a leader and key contributor to numerous U.S. military R&D efforts spanning three decades, Mr. Lafferty has developed intelligent systems for nuclear treaty monitoring, served as Lead Engineer for a multi-agent system aiding fighter pilots in air-to-air combat, engineered collaboration toolkits for Special Ops planning teams, and created Air Campaign Planning tools for the first Gulf War.

After serving as technical advisor to the U.S. military’s DARPA Joint Forces Air Campaign, Mr. Lafferty founded SoftPro Technologies in 1999. Through this venture, he applied his military experience to lead the development and deployment of commercially viable intelligent systems, which included the creation of Prescient™, a diagnostic and monitoring program developed in conjunction with Intelligent Agent Corporation to save millions of dollars for the oil and gas industry.

With advanced degrees in both English and Computer Software Development from the University of South Carolina, Mr. Lafferty is renowned for creating collaborative engineering environments, being a team-oriented communicator, and guiding his team of brilliant engineers to use their ingenuity while solving difficult challenges for VELOXITI clients.


Before earning his graduate degree in software engineering, Larry was a college-level English teacher, before that he was a music major. Look up eclectic on the web and you’ll see this pic. If given an opportunity to live his life again, Larry would race in the Tour de France.



Vice President of Government Solutions

Following a successful 24-year military career, retired Lieutenant Colonel Army Aviator John Merrihew serves at VELOXITI as the Vice President, Government Solutions.

Well versed in advanced technologies and complex problem solving, Mr. Merrihew has successfully led business development for Veloxiti’s decision-aiding software programs in both the public and private sectors for the company over the last three years. An Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran with four combat tours, Mr. Merrihew has extensive experience in Army and Joint operations. He also served in numerous staff and command positions in the contiguous United States, Republic of Korea and the Middle East.

A Northwestern College graduate with a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of South Dakota, Mr. Merrihew has also received extensive education in Intelligence gathering systems and airborne command and control. He retired from the Army as a master aviator.


John lives in the Virginia Highlands with his beautiful wife of 15 years Tammy. He’s currently raising two grandsons Dean 13 and Colton 16. Both boys are starters in football the Grady high school and Marist Middle school teams. Both are very active in travel baseball with their teams traveling all over the Southeast. While not working, John can be found get his daily dose of “windshield time” driving his kids around the metro area.



With a strong background in management, finance, human resources, and operations, Beth has provided executive level strategic support for small government contractors in the Denver, Washington D.C., and Atlanta areas.Beth has over 13 years of experience in financial management, corporate accounting, contract analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and price proposals. She has extensive knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and has successfully established and implemented sound financial systems contributing to the rapid growth of several small federal contracting companies. Beth has successfully negotiated and established approved indirect rates for these firms with their cognizant federal agencies, and has served as the Corporate Controller where she has successfully managed sales and contract profitability. Beth leads by example, and is one that rolls up her sleeves to get the job done by finding solutions to what keeps the CEO and other executive members up at night. Beth is a graduate of the University of Colorado with an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Regis University in Colorado. She has a unique ability to communicate and bring people together, and loves to accomplish what others say can’t be done.


Beth lives in Roswell with her husband and college sweetheart, and their 15 year old son. In another life Beth’s dream was to be a counselor in private practice, until she realized how intriguing it is to work with numbers. Beth loves spending time with family and friends, and in her spare time can be found enjoying a nice Cabernet contemplating the meaning of life.


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