Oil & Gas Production Monitoring

Crude oil production is not as easy as it used to be. Increasing global demand and decreasing oil reserves are driving oil producers towards advanced technologies. As in other industries, today’s well production sensors produce enormous amounts of data, including information that reveals well conditions thousands of feet below the surface.

But the continuous output of all these sensors has an unintended consequence: too much data and too few experts to make sense of it all

Oil & Gas Production Monitoring, Veloxiti Asia, Oil Rig

VELOX.tellwell™ is an intelligent system for monitoring and diagnosing problems in wells that use an enhanced production technique known as gas-lift. VELOX.tellwell’s embedded knowledge base addresses over thirty abnormal conditions that can dramatically reduce well production. Because oil-field data are often inaccurate or missing, VELOX.tellwell uses an associative memory-based pattern matching algorithm to find the best fit between a well’s current condition and the numerous failure conditions in the knowledge base.



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