Win or die: the stakes are high in air-to-air combat. Originally created by a fighter pilot, USAF Colonel John Boyd, the OODA loop (Observe-Orient, Decide-Act) captures fundamental ideas about problem solving in continuously changing circumstances. Survival in combat – and success in business – depends on making the right decisions, faster than your competitors.

The OODA loop formalizes a way of thinking about situation assessment (Observe-Orient) and context sensitive action (Decide-Act). It forms the basis for Intelligent Systems that can replicate the way people think – like those from VELOXITI™.

OODA loop, (Observe-Orient, Decide-Act), Veloxiti Asia

Following its widespread adoption in the armed forces, the OODA Loop concept is now being used in commercial settings, and Veloxiti provides the technology needed for rapidly building and deploying intelligent systems for winning in business.

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