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Prescient® / VehicleDNA® is an intelligent oil analysis solution that quickly tests and evaluates engine and transmission oil providing a comprehensive assessment as well as maintenance advisories.

Note: VehicleDNA® is the commercial version of Prescient® – which has been used by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Prescient® / VehicleDNA® makes it possible to sample a vehicle in less than 10 minutes.

Oil evaluation is a two-step process.  The first step is sample testing to identify wear metals and contaminants such as iron, copper, or soot and to determine sample viscosity.  The second step is sample evaluation, a task that focuses on interpreting the meaning of test data.  Evaluation provides the expert insight needed for determining a component’s condition.

For many years, oil testing equipment has been too expensive for use in maintenance depots or smaller service areas.  However, reasonably priced test equipment exists today that is simple to use and robust enough for severe environments.

Of course, test data have no value until they are interpreted.  Prescient® / VehicleDNA® addresses the all-important need for accurate sample evaluation. It uses both statistical algorithms and an expert rule-base that captures the knowledge of a world class oil evaluator.  In addition, it not only diagnoses and recommends corrective actions but also explains the reasons for its assessment.

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Prescient®/VehicleDNA® is a both a proven and customizable product.  Its performance has been validated in thousands of tests in transportation and industrial contexts.  Furthermore, Prescient®/VehicleDNA® was designed from Day 1 to be customizable so that it can be adapted to each customer’s specific needs.

On-site analysis eliminates frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive delays.  VehicleDNA® makes it possible to evaluation a truck’s condition while it is in the depot, not when it is on the road.  On-site analysis dramatically reduces lost revenue due to maintenance recalls.

Furthermore, since Prescient®/VehicleDNA® software lives “in the cloud”, a vehicle’s condition history is always available at any depot and any time.

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