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An increasing commercial audience is finding out what the U.S. Department of Defense has known for years – intelligent agent technology is a powerful labor multiplier. This new class of software can help humans:

  • Process orders of magnitude more information than they ever could on their own
  • Make decisions at a speed that is simply not possible by the human mind alone

This new capability can process massive amounts of data – within context – for your very best performers and help them achieve even higher levels of productivity and decision-making quality. In turn, in the form of “best practices” these same capabilities can be leveraged by new or less-skilled professionals to help them perform at a higher level.

However, building intelligent agents that capture how humans “think” and are integrated into their current application suite has historically been a difficult task.

That is until VELOXITI and the new VELOX product suite that was designed specifically to make it far easier for organizations to make use of this powerful new technology.


Many organizations are increasingly curious on how “intelligent solutions” can benefit their business – by resolving pain points, leveraging increasingly limited and expensive human capital, or even enabling entirely new types of solution offerings.

VELOXITI provides consulting services that quickly assess your business and identifies opportunities for these type of powerful solutions. Working jointly with your Team, the VELOXITI Team can develop “Intelligent Solutions Go Forward” strategies and plans that will drive to measurable value to your organization. Curious, contact us to find out more.


Building an Intelligent Agent is a five step process:

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Define Intelligence

First step is to identify what human thought processes we want to capture “digitally” in the form of an Intelligent Agent. These thought processes should be data-intensive, highly-variable, and critical to the decision making process.

Acquire Intelligence

Second step is to acquire the intelligence to perform this human thought process “digitally.” We want to capture best practices, established procedures, and importantly, the thought process of recognized high-performers (i.e., sometimes referred to as “SME’s” – Subject Matter Experts).

VELOXITI is developing a unique graphical information capture system called VIGI™ that makes this process easy and intuitive. VIGI™ is used to build visual “mind maps” that capture how to “think about a problem” and identifies input data sources, objectives, plans, and trigger levels for making decisions. Note, the U.S. Department of Defense has found that capturing information in this form serves as a single information repository for a specific domain and represents the most effective way to store AND retrieve critical information in a timely manner.

Develop Intelligence

Third step is to actually develop the Intelligent Agent. VELOXITI’s is a JAVA-based development environment that reduces the historical need for a select group of specially-trained Knowledge Engineers to build the Intelligent Agent. In fact, a reasonably proficient JAVA Programmer can now build, maintain, and evolve Intelligent Agents.

Integrate Intelligence

Fourth step is to integrate. In almost every case the Intelligent Agent will serve as an “add on” module to an existing application or set of applications. The Intelligent Agent will operate in the background – processing information and monitoring conditions – until something that occurs requiring a decision. The Intelligent Agent can then make the decision immediately and continue processing and monitoring information until another decision is required or it can notify a human and indicate that a set of conditions has occurred that requires their attention. Note, these Intelligent Agents that have a “human-in-the-loop” are called Intelligent Associates.

Execute & Evolve Intelligence

Fifth step is an ongoing effort. In much the same way that it is to the benefit of an organization to continually develop employees in order to increase their proficiency; it is beneficial to recurrently evolve the Intelligent Agent.


At VELOXITI, we believe that if the computer is to continue its evolution in assisting humans then it must be more than a massive number cruncher – it must be a true “thinking” partner. That is our vision, our mission.


Intrigued? Contact us to learn how VELOXITI can help you address important military challenges.

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